Monique Reece is an experienced business executive, consultant, teacher, and author who works with organizations to overcome obstacles and create new strategies to achieve new levels of growth. Monique has created business strategy, marketing plans, and learning programs for several of the world’s leading brands.

Monique has led global teams in learning & development, customer success, strategic partnerships, go-to-market, and marketing. She has worked in start-ups, fast-growth companies, and Fortune 500 organizations to increase revenue and profitability, and improve customer experience and organizational performance. Her diverse experience and a knack for problem solving enables her to effectively lead and motivate diverse cross-functional teams to align strategy, people, and operations to achieve a company’s vision and goals.

Most recently, Monique was the Chief Learning Officer for Service Source, a global BPO and customer experience organization. In less than 18 months, she led a global team to launch CJX University, a learning experience platform integrating AI to deliver personalized learning content and career paths, social collaboration, and just-in-time learning. She also introduced a new Knowledge Management system, four levels of leadership programs, new onboarding, sales, and operating methodologies, and customized client training programs. Results include improved employee engagement and satisfaction (eNPS 37% to 80%), lower attrition, and 50% reduction in L&D costs.

Prior to this, she was the founder and GM of MarketSmarter, a consulting firm that helped companies develop strategies to achieve new levels of growth and operational efficiency by implementing real-time business planning and execution processes. MarketSmarter also worked with companies to create dynamic company cultures that inspired continuous learning and innovation, improved employee experience, and increased customer loyalty.

She was previously engaged as Executive Vice President and GM at Jones Knowledge and as Director of Global Market Development at Avaya.

Monique has served as an Executive Education faculty member at the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, and as an Adjunct Professor teaching marketing and customer experience in the Executive MBA program at the Institute for Leadership and Organizational Performance, Daniels College at the University of Denver, and in the Executive MBA program at Colorado State University.

Moniqueis the author of four books: Real-Time Marketing for Business Growth: How to Use Social Media, Measure Marketing and Create a Culture of Execution;Market Smarter Not Harder; and Effective Human Relations: Interpersonal and Organizational Applications (12th and 13th editions of the textbook). She is also a contributing author to Introduction to Business and Principles of Management textbooks.

As a columnist and writer for American City Business Publications (8 years) and WOBI, Monique published hundreds of articles.

Monique is also an experienced professional speaker who speaks at national/international Conferences, Industry Associations, and organizations (eg. Inc. Magazine, American Marketing Association, Zappos, Lucent Technologies, Kodak).

Monique Reece