Market Smarter Not Harder

An Experiential Journey to Create a Customer Focused Marketing Plan

Market Smarter Not Harder, An Experiential Journey to Create a Customer-Driven Marketing Plan, is a business parable designed to help any entrepreneur or business leader develop a customer-centric marketing plan.

Book includes 50 planning worksheets to help you create your own marketing plan.

Testimonials for Market Smarter Not Harder

“MarketSmarter Not Harder should be an international hit! Its down-to-earth marketing planning steps apply to any geographic region.”

Dines LambrinopoulosPresident, European Marketing Confederation

“MarketSmarter Not Harder offers a complete, step-by-step method for creating a successful marketing program, and its novelistic style keeps you turning the pages. Crammed with useful examples and worksheets, this book not only explains the elements of a first-class marketing program, it offers the tools you need to conduct one.”

Charles RubinCo-author. Guerrilla Marketing Online

“MarketSmarter Not Harder is full of down-to-earth information that entrepreneurs will find useful. Most owners and managers of small businesses will find the practical information in this book to be helpful in making effective marketing decisions.”

Dr. William M. PrideProfessor of Marketing, Co-author of Marketing: Basic Concepts and Decisions Texas A&M University

“Reading this book will be like putting yourself in the hands of a team of expert coaches who will help you grow your business. The advice is substantial and the book is highly readable. A nice bonus is that it is relevant to the information-highway era we have entered.”

Jim CathcartProfessional Speaker, Author of Relationship Selling

“On a scale of 1 to10, the P路R路A路I路S路E model of marketing produced a marketing plan that became a 10.5 in results = $$$. Thank you.”

Fernando Padilla FitchPadilla Fitch Associates, Tijuana, Mexico