P•R•A•I•S•E Marketing Process™

Decision-Making Framework

Each step in the P•R•A•I•S•E Marketing Process (Purpose, Research, Analyze, Implement, Strategize, and Execute and Evaluate) is a decision-making framework that guides you to summarize your actions and decisions.


  1. Purpose – Define your company mission, vision, values and goals. You will define specific goals and develop a marketing plan to achieve these goals. Learn to create a culture your customers and employees love;
  2. Research – Examine customer needs, target markets and competitors. Define the characteristics of your most profitable customers to find new ones like them;
  3. Analyze – Analyze research findings, distribution channels, and pricing to discover new product and service growth opportunities. Improve customer experiences to create new value based on changing markets and buying preferences;
  4. Strategize – Develop a sales plan, marketing objectives, and marketing strategies. Create a positioning statement that differentiates your business and develop customer, target market, competitive, product, price, promotion, distribution, growth, and innovation strategies for your business;
  5. Implement – Learn how social media and other type of digital media can help you create brand awareness, drive leads, and engage customers. Learn how to develop a tactical plan that defines the sales and marketing programs, timeline, budget, and resource needs. Learn processes to measure sales, marketing and service programs to improve effectiveness and ROI;
  6. Execute and Evaluate – Identify critical metrics to track and use the ROI Optimizer to measure and improve the results of marketing and sales strategies and tactics across your entire demand chain. Integrate marketing with operations to create a real-time planning process. Learn 10 principles that will help you create a culture focused on customer needs and strategy execution.

MarketSmarter provides the resources and tools that make each of these steps an integrated framework that teaches you to innovate and optimize your go-to-market strategy, link planning to execution, and measure results to create continuous, profitable growth.

“A fool with a plan can outsmart a genius with no plan.”
T. Boone Pickens

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