Foreword by Ken Blanchard

Co-author of The One Minute Manager庐 and Leading at a Higher Level

Real-Time Marketing for Business Growth聽is an important book. Those of us who have been in business for a while know that business growth is rarely the result of one miraculous strategy or tactic. It鈥檚 a series of small things that guide a business in upward growth. That鈥檚 what I like about this book. It teaches people how to combine time-tested business concepts with new marketing tools and strategies. The result is an efficient and effective process to develop a plan鈥攁 roadmap for growth and success for your business.

This book presents marketing in an entirely new light. It highlights some of the problems in sales and marketing that have persisted for decades鈥攁nd how to fix them. It shows companies how to organize around customers instead of products, and the need for companies to break down the silos between marketing, sales, customer service and other teams to more effectively fulfill customer needs. It shows companies how to create a thriving culture that respects customers, employees鈥攁ll stakeholders.

This book was written for people like me鈥攁nd most of you, I imagine鈥攚ho are looking for something new in marketing. New and experienced entrepreneurs, marketers and CEOs will find this book full of fresh new insights, including how to measure marketing and how to use social media to build customer relationships. Most importantly it provides a process for writing a marketing plan鈥攁nd smart business leaders know that the key to successful business growth is business planning. Monique teaches you a real-time planning process that keeps pace with change. It鈥檚 a flexible, collaborative, and measurable process so your plan is a living, breathing operational document to help the entire business execute strategy and continuously improve.

Real-Time Marketing for Business Growth聽explains marketing in simple terms that can be understood by any business owner.聽 This is not to say that this book oversimplifies. In fact, I have never seen a more comprehensive explanation of marketing. Many books deal with marketing as a tactic. This book presents marketing holistically through the P路R路A路I路S路E Marketing Process盲, which is a new paradigm that takes -a fresh look at marketing planning. The plan it produces can make a company ‘market smart’ and improve profitability. How could it do anything else? To me, the most important concept I’ve ever taught is about praising–catching people doing something right. So I certainly would love a P路R路A路I路S路E Marketing Process.

There are four aspects of this book which I feel are unique in the field of marketing. First of all,聽Real-Time Marketing for Business Growth聽integrates culture throughout the marketing process. It starts with defining your company Purpose, and I have always believed that a compelling vision and strong core values are the basic foundation of any business.

I know from experience that a healthy, thriving culture is woven into the fabric of every successful business. Companies that foster a thriving culture create a strong聽internal聽brand and that is the secret to creating a powerful聽external聽brand. This book will show you how to create happy, engaged employees鈥攚ho in turn create delighted, engaged customers who become聽Raving Fans.

Second, I like the fact that聽Real-Time Marketing for Business Growth聽simplifies and clarifies what can be a complex subject. The聽One Minute Manager聽series of books is focused and simple鈥攁nd I have received considerable feedback that this is a powerful way to teach. Since I have made it my life’s work to take the ‘BS’ out of the behavioral sciences, I can relate to the power of simplicity when you want the learner to get full value from a book. Monique Reece has taken the ‘BS’ out of the marketing planning process. Thankfully, this book avoids technical terms when possible and explains them when necessary.

Third, this approach focuses on customer experience and how to build customer loyalty. This is accomplished through ongoing real-time feedback from customers. I’ve often said that “feedback is the breakfast of champions.” You鈥檒l get fresh ideas on how to attract new customers, retain them, and grow your relationships with them. This transforms customers into evangelists for your business鈥攚hich of course increases profitability for your business.

Serendipity is the fourth fresh quality of聽Real-Time Marketing for Business Growth.聽Akin to luck, serendipity lets us know that there鈥檚 a force greater than ourselves. Serendipity within the research step, for example, can reveal insights that dramatically influence the way a company chooses to market themselves. And in a world that changes constantly, businesses must always adapt and change. I believe, as Monique does, that you should put your antennae up. If you are looking for something to happen, you’ll get it.

Anyone wanting to increase profitability and reach a wider audience should venture through the P路R路A路I路S路E Marketing Process盲.聽 It鈥檚 a journey that can lead you to your greatest achievements. Thanks Monique. All aboard!

Ken Blanchard
Co-author of聽The One Minute Manager聽and聽Leading at a Higher Level